Windows Phone 8

Microsoft announced its forthcoming mobile operating system,Windows phone 8, it is expected to be released somewhere around september ,Microsoft all geared up to fight against iOS and Android has the following features-

Shared core:”The future of windows 8 is a ‘shared core’ between windows phone 8 and windows 8″.it means that windows phone will be deeply linked with PCs and tablet running on Windows 8platform, through this we can share file system,multimedia apps  and graphics support due to all

Windows phone 8

apps that work on windows phone will also work on tablets and desktop PCs as well.

multi-core support:Until now,wp7.5 offered support to a single core but now they are starting with dual core chipsets.

New start screen:Metro UI on the WP mango looked nice but had two tiles at a fixed size will allow users to customize home screen.

internet explorer10:Browser being an important part for any smartphone , microsoft will now offer a powerful browsing experience with internet explorer 10 with HTML rendering with security features like anti-phishing.

High resolution display: Microsoft giving better quality displays with 1280×720 and 1280×768 resolutions.

Nokia maps:Nokia maps will now be the default maps on WP8 smartphones featuring offline mode,turn by turn  navigation and a wider coverage.

NFC and mobile wallet:with NFC support making into WP8, users will have access to new features called wallet.The ‘mobile wallet hub’ on wp8 will allow users to pay for goods and services from phone itself.

MicroSD card:With given inbuilt memory users can also use microSD card.

Enterprise ready: Enterprise and IT administrators will be happy about the WP8 enterprise level .it will include Bit Locker drive encryption and ability to side load apps by sidestepping the marketplace.

Other Features:Multitasking support to apps and enhanced VoIP support.New speech engine ,licensed from audible .


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